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Developing and implementing innovative financial services,
products and technologies.


Financial Services

Morgan Lloyd

Morgan Lloyd has been providing pension trustee and administration services since 2003, supporting individuals and business owners to achieve their retirement goals.

Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS) and Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP) benefit from allowing members to invest flexibly. Morgan Lloyd has extensive experience delivering complex solutions, such as Pension-led funding arrangements, to business owners while also developing and delivering lower cost, simplified arrangements for those whose requirements are more standard.

With a customer focused, innovative approach Morgan Lloyd is highly regarded in the self-invested pension market and leveraging best-in-class technology, attracting pension management business from significant third parties.

Financial Services

Eden Park
Investment Management

Discretionary Managed Model Portfolios.

Eden Park Investment Management work exclusively with Financial Advisers and provide a platform-only managed portfolio service offering a diverse range of risk-profiled portfolios to meet client needs.

Currently featuring portfolios from the Brewin Dolphin, Charles Stanley and LGT vestra range, Eden Park Investment Management takes a pragmatic, long term approach to securing best in class investment options for clients.

Financial Services

Clifton Wealth Partnership Adviser

Providing Financial Advisers access to market leading products, services, technology and support through partnership or acquisition. Clifton Wealth Partnership – Adviser, features Connects – X Technology that simplifies the management of a financial services business and its client relationships, driving efficiency and creating value.

Financial Services

Clifton Wealth Partnership Private Client

A trusted wealth management business, giving clients access to products and services and utilising market-leading technology to drive high quality outcomes in a cost-effective manner.

Comprehensive financial advice supported by cashflow modelling, enables clients to visualise their financial future, illustrate different scenarios and instantly understand the impact of key decisions on life events along the way.

Clifton Wealth Partnership clients have access to My Viewpoint, a market-leading financial technology platform that allows clients to see their finances in an attractive and visually interesting way, while at the same time managing their adviser relationship, all in one place.

Financial Services

Clifton Consulting Ltd

A specialist advisory business with core competencies including Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS) and Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP), pension transfers and uses of pension in business funding situations.

Clifton Consulting Advisers are among the most experienced in the UK for understanding and advising on the business applications of specialist pension methodologies.

Financial Technologies


Connects technology teams have developed software-driven platforms for Financial Advisers.

Currently, Connects provides the Adviser community with two powerful solutions, Connects – X, Client Management software, and My Viewpoint, a client information and communication portal.

Financial Technologies

My Viewpoint

The My Viewpoint client portal gives clients secure access to their entire financial life in one place.

Clients can view their investments managed via Morgan Lloyd and the Morgan Lloyd Invest platform alongside their property, bank accounts and other investments, so everything can be held in one place.

My Viewpoint is also a powerful client/adviser communications platform, giving both access to real time information on which to base advice and recommendations.

Financial Technologies

Alternative Business Funding

The Alternative Business Funding comparison platform, powered by Funder Finder, provides a free and easy way for SMEs to research and find finance for their business.

The unique Funder Finder engine uses straightforward information to match SMEs with an impressive selection of funders within minutes, offering access to a broad range of funding products across the UK.

Credit data and platform user information allow an automated comparison process, giving SME users fast and efficient access to business finance options.

Financial Technologies

Morgan Lloyd

Morgan Lloyd Invest is our investment platform offering General Investment Account (GIA), ISA, Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP) and Offshore Bond Investment accounts.

The platform has been built on the very latest technology, providing Morgan Lloyd Invest Advisers and their clients with market-leading functionality.

Morgan Lloyd Invest makes the process of Advisers managing customers’ investments as easy as possible. The platform team work closely with firms to ensure Advisers get the most out of the service.

Financial Products

Pension-led funding

Pension-led funding (PLF) from Clifton is one of the largest providers of alternative funding in the UK.

Supporting business owners since 2006 from our Bristol headquarters, PLF has helped thousands of clients grow their businesses using this innovative form of finance. In 2014 Pension-led funding from Clifton was named Best Alternative Funding Provider by Business Moneyfacts

Clients are viewed as our most important asset and many continue to use PLF years after their first funding.

Financial Products

The Pension
from Clifton

A suite of specialist pension methodologies designed for a variety of sectors and demographics of UK businesses.

Solutions are tailored for investment in business owners, property, start-ups, franchises, fintech and many more.

The Pension from Clifton sits on an in-house marketing platform designed to enable rapid deployment into niche sectors.

For over 30 years Clifton Asset Management plc has developed and brought to market a variety of solutions for Financial Advisers and clients throughout the UK.

These solutions are born from experience and tested in the commercial environment.

Clifton is committed to ensuring that all stakeholders receive exceptional products and services through our network of group businesses.